New Year's Resolutions


With New Years just a couple days back, we think it's totally normal to still be in that phase of "trying to be better in this 2017" And based on that, we'd love to share some of our new year's resolution to mark the birth of our blog!

But first,We're Felicitia (Feli for short) and Hanisa and we would like to say welcome! this blog may be empty now, but be sure to stay tune for fashion, lifestyle, and travel posts that will hopefully entertain and inspire you anywhere you are.Without further ado, check out our resolutions. Crossing our fingers that we could actually accomplish it.
- Be better at stitching
- Learn a new language
- Post better pictures
- Read and review more books
- Get a new hairstyle
"nope, no workouts. Although it's in my books, I'm trying to stick to those I can actually accomplish."-F

- Try to be more positive
- Eat healthier
- Learn a new language
- Learn how to cook more stuff
- Go travel

That's it for now, keep up to see how we did. Have a happy a new year!

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