WHAT TO EXPECT: Interning at Marie Claire Malaysia


Hopefully I'm not crossing any kind of policy here but since I didn't sign any non-disclosure contract or aware if there are any laws that doesn't allow me to publicly share this, I think we're good.

If my past self can take a tiny peek to the future and find out I actually scored an internship position at Marie Claire magazine I would probably pat myself in the back. Working in a magazine or publishing company had always been my (dream) career of choice and this intern felt like a step closer to that goal. But of course everything has it's up and downs. So for those who are looking to intern at a fashion magazine company, specifically Marie Claire Malaysia, this is for you.

I noticed how there are no reference of what the experience of being an intern in MC Malaysia would be, that could help me prepare for it. So I hope you're a reader, because I'm planning to share the hell out of it. Just kidding. Mostly. 

What to expect?
  • Don't start your intern program with hopes of personal recognition. I have no clue whether this applies to fashion magazine companies in other countries, but based on my experience (and the ex-intern that I met), being an intern does not necessarily mean you're going to get credited. You will probably get tasked with simple online articles or maybe your picture got featured on their Instagram account where it's all going to be merely anonymous under the magazine's name, or under your supervisor (who had to edit your writing). Despite it sounding quite negative, this intern program is exactly that, you're here to learn, and I guarantee after tons of those web articles that you had to type each day? there is a high chance your writing is going to improve.
  • Lot's of goodies! don't let movies fool you, not all editor-in-chief or in this case, any your boss / senior is a Miranda Presley. For those who are planning to intern in MC Malaysia? you're in for a treat. It is quite shocking how everyone is really nice and welcoming. There were no seniority or things like that at all, so no worries there. Through the 4th week of my internship program and I had received two bags full of products as a Christmas present.
  • Working in a fashion magazine is not as glamorous as it seem, both in terms of the building (the ones in Malaysia at least) and the staff's working outfits. yes some people still dress up, but if you're going to sit down for 10 hours facing the computer all day, it's best to be comfy. shirts and leggings all the way.
  • It may equal no salary. Make sure you're in it for the lesson and experience.
  • You're free to look for your own article sources. For once, your supervisor won't bat an eye or scold you if she found you watching Youtube videos, opening Pinterest, or diving neck deep into Spotify or Soundcloud. 
  • Last but not least, yes, you are there to help but being an intern doesn't necessarily mean you're becoming a slave. If you're going for the same company as I was, there are actually time where you're just out of things to do. Which is always great.
Overall, is it worth it? totally. Everything in life is a struggle, if it's your dream and passion to be a part of a fashion magazine or as a journalist, fight for it.

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